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Semliki National Park

The place to stay: Crater Safari Lodge

Semiliki National Park covers an area of 220 square kms and contains many geological features associated with central rather than eastern Africa.

The Sempaya Hot Springs and a visit to the Batwa community of forest-dwellers are amongst many of the highlights of a visit to Semliki National Park.

Sempaya Hot Springs

Sempaya Hot Springs contain a number of different micro habitats which attracts a wide array of unique wildlife; large numbers of wetland birds and many other animals that visit for the spring’s natural salt supply.

Batwa Pygmy Indigenous Community

There are just a few thousand Batwa pygmies remaining in Uganda. They are some of the most marginalised people in Africa, driven out of their ancestral land when the forests in which they live became national parks. Like many other indigenous groups around the world, the Batwa people are traditional hunter-gatherers who have struggled to cope with life in the 21st Century. A visit to Semliki offers the unique opportunity to visit this fascinating indigenous community.