Daily and Five Day

Chimpanzee Tracking

The place to stay: Crater Safari Lodge

The most popular activity at Crater Safari Lodge is the guided chimpanzee tracking walks and safaris into the Kibale Forest National Park.

Daily Chimpanzee Tracking Walks

The most popular of Kibale’s walks starts daily from the Kanyanchu visitor area at 8am and 3pm and lasts 2 to 3 hours. Chimpanzees are of course the primate most sought after by visitors, but many other primates can be spotted. Guests should look out for the black and white colobus monkey, red-tailed monkey and grey-cheeked mangabey.

Your guide will also point out sun birds, pitas, and other bird species and will explain the traditional uses of plant species within the forest.

This walk is for a maximum of eight people per group.

5-day Chimpanzee Safari Itinerary

For an exciting chimpanzee tracking and wildlife adventure, take a look at our 5-day itinerary, that encompasses the very best wildlife opportunities in the stunning Kibale and Semliki National Parks.